We don't just offer kitchen faucets with a connection to a filter, but also a unique faucet for the washbasin with the same functionality, with a singular handle controlling of both filtered and regular water.

Brushing your teeth and washing your face every morning with filtered water improves your health and overall being. Dermatologists note that patients with eсzema experience less dryness skin irritation, less eye dryness, the immune system improves dramatically after using filtered water. And according to dental practitioners - the dental bacterial plaque stops being a problem all together.

While installing this faucet you may use a filter from any brand for the attachment is universal. Within the structure there is a separate channel for filtered water and a separate channel for the regular water, thus the drinking (filtered) water doesn't mix with the water for washing your hands.

According to the test results, the water that was filtered through the faucet fully conforms to the European regulations for drinking water - 4MS Common Approach (France, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK).